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  • Building Resilience 2021 Conference – Helena, MT – RECORDING


    & FOR EXISTING ATTENDEES – PLEASE LOGIN HERE – 1 Ticket to the 2021 Quantum Results Conference – Helena, MT “Building Resilience in Health” After you Purchase the ticket…

  • Going Virtual 1 - 1 Day Training

    GOING Virtual 2022 Conference – RECORDING


    Welcome to the event page for the ‘GOING VIRTUAL’ – Increase your business and influence by staying ahead in today’s environment! Note: This seminar is jam packed with valuable wisdom. Don’t…

  • Homeo-Therapeutic Coach Course


    Welcome to White Dove Healing Art’s Homeo-Therapeutic Coach Course!

    Learn how to safely, effectively and legally suggest remedies to clients/patients that are FDA classified. We are confident from experience that with the completion of this course, your thorough understanding of “professional use only” Complex-Homeopathy and it’s collection of benefits will maximize your client/patient session results! 




    JANUARY 17 – 19 2020

    3 FULL DAYSStart to finish navigation training.

    Join us for a live recorded training intended for new, up-and-coming health and wellness professionals.

    Come learn like a pro and gain competency and proficiency in just one training.

    *Bringing your technology is optional.


    QUANTUM RESULTS Student/Alumni Price: FREE – USE COUPON CODE Sent to you

    Not a Quantum Results Member? – Purchase here and get this training for free. – QUANTUM RESULTS Biofeedback Training

    Seating very limited. First Come First Serve.

  • OMNIS Manual for QUEX ED, EDUCTOR, QUEX S – SCIO by Penny Fox N.D.

  • Stress Management Essentials Workbook – PDF Download


    Enhance your practice with stress exercise(s) included in Carol Wilcock’s Stress Management Essentials  Workbook. 

    This workbook is designed to be very simple and easy to use and integrate with any holistic practice.

    This workbook has over 60 exercises and trainings to help you and them cope with the realities of stress. I know it’s help me and my family in addition to our clients. And they’re FUN!

  • Natural Cookery

    The School of Natural Cookery


    Take charge of your lifestyle or career in a training that sustains generations. A unique and unconventional school relying on Mind, Body, and Spirit, to create authentic dishes, using real…

  • QUANTUM RESULTS – Biofeedback Training Certification

    INTRODUCING: Brand New Video Training Series With Expert Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner & Instructor, Carol Wilcock, RN, MSN, QBI, DsAM

    This one of a kind Quantum Biofeedback video training series is designed for both the new practitioner and seasoned professional looking to take their understanding and practice to the next level.

    Carol’s video training series is a complement to trainings offered by The Quantum Academies, other instructors, and honors the intention of QXSUBSPACE in the quantum biofeedback industry with the goal of providing quality products and trainings for the benefit of humanity.
    If you are want more confidence and competence in your biofeedback services, then this content is designed for you.  From Basic Navigation to specific Advanced Topics, Carol Wilcock guides you on a journey focused on one thing… getting Quantum Results!
  • A-Z Protocols


    The A-Z Protocols is a must-have reference guide for any SCIO, Eductor or Indigo practitioner with more than 350 topics covered in more than 800 pages of detailed stress reduction protocols at your fingertips! This manual will assist you in taking the guesswork out of your sessions and will help you in easily navigating through each stress reduction protocol. This manual is an electronic PDF, not a hard copy printed book. The manual will be emailed to you, not sent to your physical address.