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Welcome to the event page for the ‘GOING VIRTUAL’ – Increase your business and influence by staying ahead in today’s environment!

Note: This seminar is jam packed with valuable wisdom. Don’t miss this FULL DAY LIVE VIRTUAL SEMINAR on January 22nd, 2022

Key Facts:

The GOING VIRTUAL one day event is being offered online for your convenience.

Most practitioners are modifying their practice by adding or expanding Virtual sessions. Therefore, we will be addressing some important distinctions and big changes to help you shift to a higher professional standard and address your client’s needs.

We have lined up our most experienced and professional practitioners, including Dr. Desire Doubonet, Dr. Bill Cunningham, Dr. Jim Pickerell, Julianaa Satie and Carol Wilcock to establish this new session model.

Our focus is for you to be fully prepared not only for your existing clients but how to reach new ones.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Learning new navigational strategies.
  • Establishing proper communication and expectations surrounding virtual sessions to clients.
  • Navigating the current needs of these times: increased anxiety, depression, and fear.
  • How to keep the immune system strong by using our system and methodology
  • Incredible educational opportunities to increase profitability.

Don’t miss this extraordinary educational and business opportunity!


Jake Cunningham
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White Dove Global Marketing, Ltd. is a leading the marketing and distributor for revolutionary health and wellness technologies; including but not limited to medical Quantum Biofeedback Systems, In Light Wellness Systems and more.  We love supporting our clients through the entire discovery, purchase, placement and support processes while also providing educational training in the successful integration of our cutting edge technologies.
White Dove Global Marketing™