Homeo-Therapeutic Coach Course


Welcome to White Dove Healing Art’s Homeo-Therapeutic Coach Course!

Learn how to safely, effectively and legally suggest remedies to clients/patients that are FDA classified. We are confident from experience that with the completion of this course, your thorough understanding of “professional use only” Complex-Homeopathy and it’s collection of benefits will maximize your client/patient session results! 


Your Course Includes the following: 

Welcome Folder: 

  • Introduction Letter
  • Congratulations on your purchase of the HT Coach Course
  • Outlines
  • Quizzes
  • Final Exam

PDF Course Books and Materials: 

  • Homeopathy for Nutritionists Text Book
  • Homeopathy for Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Naturopaths Text Book
  • The Natural Repertory Text Book
  • Disease Dictionary Text Book
  • Quantum Quality Control Text Book
  • Catalogue Text Book
  • Remedy Selection Protocol Video

Clarify your Vision & Enhance Well-being…

But there’s even more benefits from taking the Homeo-Therapeutic Coach Course.  As a Homeo-Therapeutic Consultant, you will now have an additional revenue stream as you implement the extensive repertoire of Nelsonian Homeopathy into your thriving practice… all in addition to increasing the session’s results!  This Win-Win coordination will improve all aspects surrounding your goals while working with the SCIO, INDIGO, EDUCTOR and new QUEX-S and QUEX-ED biofeedback systems.

Getting Started –

Focusing on ease of use and simplicity as a goal, we provide you simple downloadable access to your HTC Course materials and other media. 

White Dove’s staff is here to support along the way. 


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White Dove Global Marketing, Ltd. is a leading the marketing and distributor for revolutionary health and wellness technologies; including but not limited to medical Quantum Biofeedback Systems, In Light Wellness Systems and more.  We love supporting our clients through the entire discovery, purchase, placement and support processes while also providing educational training in the successful integration of our cutting edge technologies.
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