6/PORT PRO | 4 Pad Twin T-Pad Plus


The 6/PORT PRO l 4 Pad Twin T-Pad Plus System features the 6/PORT PRO Controller and 4 pads (including a pair of T-Pad 263 pads), for an array of polychromatic light therapy options.


The Inlight Therapy 6/PORT PRO l 4 Pad, Twin T-Pad Plus System features the state-of-the-art 6/PORT PRO Controller with Inlight Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology. It includes a set of four (4) polychromatic therapy pads. The added “Plus” in this package features two (2) polychromatic therapy pads called “T-Pads”. This allows for an extended range of applications, with expanded use on multiple areas of the body to increase circulation and reduce pain.

The Inlight 6/PORT PRO Controller.

  • The Inlight 6/PORT PRO Controller, with 6 output ports allows for maximum polychromatic dosing and customized applications. 3 easy-to-use automatic settings pre-programmed with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology, and 7 manual settings.
  • Inlight Therapy System Power Supply. Good for any power anywhere in the world.
    Input 100-240V – 50-60Hz, 1.2A max. Output 12.0V, 5.0A.
  • 6-foot AC power cord with 3-prong plug, NEMA 5-15P Connector, with C13 Connector that plugs into the Power Supply.

Inlight Therapy PLT Therapy Pads are interchangeable between all Inlight controllers:

  • (2) T-PADS 263 Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) PLT
  • PAINBUSTER II 180 Tricolor – Blue, Red, and Near-Infrared (NIR) PLT
  • FACEMASK 104 Blue and Red PLT

The package contains everything needed to begin use.


In Light Therapy™

In Light Medical Systems™ provides a dynamic and user-friendly polychromatic light therapy system intended for clinical, professional and home user applications.
LED polychromatic light therapy involves the use of light emitting diodes (LED) delivering red, blue, and infrared light to the skin.  These three (3) wavelengths stimulate beneficial innate cellular responses increasing circulation and activating the release of nitric oxide.
In Light Therapy™

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