QUEX ED with Eductor Trade-In


Prices will vary every week depending on the Euro exchange rate.


Exchange your Eductor System now for the most advanced technology in the Biofeedback world today!

The QUEX ED takes the Biofeedback Systems to another dimension. The very successful SCIO model has been taken up the ladder of technology and improved so that now the QUEX ED incorporates an actual EEG chip, an EMG chip and an EKG chip, as well as a processor that allows for faster data transfer and interpretation.

The 3 frequency generators imbedded into the QUEX ED offer the client a 3D experience compared to that of the SCIO or other similar devices. A touch screen monitor placed on the front of the device provides a way for both the therapist and the client to watch the state of the current training through amazing graphic representations. Don’t hesitate and order yours today!


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