EDUCTOR Limb Leads w/ Straps


This is the Limb Leads and Straps designed for the EDUCTOR Biofeedback System and constructed from the highly conductive BioTrode™ Rubber.

The package includes:

( set of 4 ) 1”W x 15”L straps  – sku- HH04;

( 1 ) BioTrode™ flexible 8’ Quick Release superior quality wire set  – sku – HH05. (Connector designed for EDUCTOR)


BioTrode™ Leads:

  • The highly conductive slim wire harness leads with identifying color coded end connectors are 8’ long.
  • They allow for more flexible movement and enable are more relaxed proximity between clients and biofeedback hardware.
  • End to end wire welded design eliminates any mechanical break down that would inhibit signal performance.
  • End connector magnets are encased in a plastic over mold design that attach easily to the rubber straps.
  • Full one year warranty for repair or replacement.

BioTrode™ Limb Straps:

  • Limb Straps are made with highly conductive BioTrode™ Rubber electrodes that lie against the skin.
  • An internal woven wire runs the full length maintaining balance throughout the entire electrode for more balanced and consistent surface area performance.
  • Set of 4 – 1”W x 15”L straps may be overlapped on the limb to provide broad surface area coverage of frequencies. Wider and longer straps mean one size fits all!
  • Our straps are fully lined with soft Velcro® loop that runs the entire length allowing for easier adjustments and faster connection time. Velco® hook tabs are on the end.
  • The “Quick Release”connect/disconnect magnetic clasp never touches the skin so you have no metal touching your client!
  • “Quick Release” makes it easy to disconnect your client should they need a break and again; provides breakaway security from the Limb Wires to prevent tugging and/or possible damage to equipment.


BioTrode™ Technologies

BioTrode™ Technologies designed and manufactures World Class Harness Systems & Accessories Designed for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR User.
BioTrode™ Technologies

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 12 in


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