QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System


The QUEX-ED Biofeedback  System Package provides you an enterprise level instrument focused to successfully implement powerful stress reduction services into your practice.

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This latest QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System model is the latest generation in the long line of Quantum Biofeedback systems.  The QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System is the predecessor of very popular SCIO and EDUCTOR Biofeedback models and has been improved, now building upon an ever greater medical grade electroencephalogram (EEG) chip, electromyography (EMG) chip and an electrocardiogram (EKG) chip.

These new enhanced features enable more accurate testing and detection of abnormalities related to electrical activity of the brain and measurement of the electrical activity of the heartbeat. All key indicators of the patient/client’s stress factors for which the QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System’s retraining programs can better assist in the re-education and balancing process.

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QXSUBSPACE.COM is the home base for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR devices and the only official database of registered, legal devices and software. QXSUBSPACE.COM is created together with the inventor and father of the biofeedback devices and modern medicine, Prof. Desire’ Dubounet (Prof. William Nelson), and QX WORLD LTD, the sole software development and support team for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR devices.

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