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    QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System – Platinum Package

    Original price was: $30,946.00.Current price is: $22,695.00.

    You now have until June 26th , 2024, to take advantage of the incredible 15% discount of this Platinum Package. 


  • QUEX-ED™ Biofeedback System – Base Package


    The QUEX-ED Biofeedback  System Package provides you an enterprise level instrument focused to successfully implement powerful stress reduction services into your practice.

    • This Base Package includes the Device and the Full OMNIS Software Suite (Not including the SENSO Beauty Software)
    • Technical Support Included
    • Beginners Training Included
    • *No Computer Included (Contact us to discuss the right computer or if you already have one that meets the specifications)
    • Contact us to review and Discover the best options for you.

    Note: If you are looking for a more robust QUEX ED Package – Check out the Platinum Package here

  • Sale!

    EDUCTOR Biofeedback System – Pre-Owned

    Original price was: $18,995.00.Current price is: $16,995.00.

    This Package provides you the essential elements to successfully implement powerful stress reduction services into your practice.

    • Make your deposit today and lock in this amazing deal. 
    • All transfer of Ownership Fees are included.
    • 1 year technical support included.
    • Computer is not included. Please add either a 15inch or 17inch Premium Name Brand Laptop to the order below if you need a new computer added to the purchase. This computer will include full configuration and set up with the latest EDUCTOR64 Software installed and activated with the capacity to install the latest OMNIS Software too.
    • Training is not included. Go to to learn more about training and education.

    White Dove Global Marketing is an official sales representative for QXWorld | QXSUBSPACE. If you have any questions about this purchase, please call us at 248-242-4290.

    *Please note: The photo depicted here is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the exact appearance of the Certified Pre-owned system. Actual products may have slight wear and tear due to their pre-owned nature.