Waltzing Through a Biofeedback Session

Bill Cunningham’s “Clinical Pearls” and Helpful Hints:

Good Morning Mr./Ms. _________.

Welcome to White Dove Healing Arts! Did you relax a bit on your way through the countryside, seeing all the farms, ranches, and horses?

Now, here to the right of the waiting room are restroom facilities and very tasty filtered water. Please sit down and fill out this health history questionnaire and consent form. Any questions you may have, please ask me. I will be right next door preparing the biofeedback device for your session.

Also, Mr./Ms._________, please help yourself to any of our free handouts here in these racks. Topics range from info on vaccinations, homeopathy, nutrition and diet, and even the current technologies on cell phone radiation protection. Alright, thank you for filling in the health history questions and signing the consent form. Come this way please.

Now Mr./Ms. _________, as you read in the consent form about my qualifications, allow me to assure you of my competence by briefly reviewing some of my certifications you see on these two walls. Primarily, I am a Certified Biofeedback Therapist and Instructor, I also hold an International License in Biofeedback and I am also an International Advanced Certified Trainer for the Biofeedback System that you see here on my desk. Any questions before we proceed?

I will now activate the Computerized Quantum Biofeedback Device and while I do that please take a seat here in this luxurious leather chair. May I put the head, wrist, and ankle harnesses on you? I will be putting the head band on a bit looser than normal because for the 17 years I have done this work, I’ve noticed the head expands a bit as you relax and I don’t want it to get too tight, ok?

The wrist harnesses are put right here around the classical Chinese pulse points to detect any stress in the 12 organ system meridians. The ankle bands are doing the same, detecting stress in any of the “source points” that enter through the feet and come up the inside and outside of the ankles. Ok, very good question, yes, the harness is made from carbon impregnated rubber. Since the body is “carbon based”, this composition assists in creating a good “hand shake” with the Biofeedback System. Are you comfortable now? The harness isn’t too tight or too loose? Excellent! Let’s proceed.

The first thing you see on the screen is the icon of two hands clasping. This is you and the Biofeedback System. Next you are assured the Biofeedback System is working. As I click “continue”, notice the butterflies? The Innovator used to refer to this system as the “Butterfly System”…get it? …freedom, flight, maturity, transformation?

By the way, notice the percent bar moving from left to right. At the 55th percentile the prayer wheel software is activated, however you have a choice whether to use it or not during your session. Our Innovator reviewed nearly 400 studies done around the world on the health benefits of prayer. He feels this can accelerate your ability to detect and manage your stress.

Want to see the choices? See, the default button is on “ALL”, but you can choose any of those to suit your religious beliefs. OK, you said “ALL”, correct? OK, notice you can add your own prayers or disable the whole prayer program.

Alright, we now enter your full name at birth and the married name or even additional chosen names such as a spiritual name for instance. Again, our Innovator has created the software to give hints about you from ancient medical astrology and numerology systems.

Next and most importantly is the SOC index questions. We need to get some hints about your health condition, for example, how stress has suppressed or obstructed your health. Plus these questions point back to your past, and your lifestyle choices that are either helping or hindering your health goals. Also, the info we give the Biofeedback System will influence the stress scores from the test we are about to run, OK?

Believe it or not, we can finish this in 5 minutes or less, if you will just give the Biofeedback System the first answer that comes to mind, not dwelling on the answer, OK? Our Innovator feels that by answering these SOC questions, it gently stirs up the unconscious mind – the “whole brain”- so you will give more accurate stress detection data to the Biofeedback System.

Nice, now lets add a few details to your SOC report… “Add more data to the report”. I will assist you with any unclarity here, OK? Thank you.

Now, the fun begins,….within the next couple minutes the Biofeedback System and you will do an “energetic handshake”, creating a cybernetic loop between you and the system. Ready? So as you can see, the stress detection aspect is already working and has picked up a bit of geopathic stress called the Curry Cross. Have you been traveling out of your time zone recently? OK. Thank you. Yet the device has assisted you in processing that stress, see? Well excellent! It appears you have created a 96% interface /handshake with the system and are ready for the stress test.

Very simply, just be still but not stiff, no talking for the next 31/2 to 4 minutes. You may feel some slight tingling in your head, wrists, and ankle areas, but rest assured our FDA registered device has received the highest U.L. safety rating possible. You can even get in the bathtub with it on and not be hurt!

I will now get up and leave you and the Biofeedback System to chat for a while. May I bring you some more water? Are you still comfortable? Good! See you in less than 4 minutes.

Excellent, you gave the system all it needs to focus on the main areas of stress and what you can do, with the support of the biofeedback programs, to enhance your wellness.

I will explain some of the basic stress indicators known as the “VARHOPE”. Any questions arising from my explanation? Good. Let’s proceed.

This panel of programs is called The Risk Profile. Let’s explore the probable highest stress risk. Gee, here are some simple lifestyle hints for you to use and some biofeedback programs the Biofeedback System suggests. Are you willing to make some of these lifestyle changes? Good. Thank you. Shall we activate some of the biofeedback programs? Good! Thank you.

Ok, nice, you heard the Innovator’s voice say “Excellent”? This means you are relaxing, reducing muscle tension, managing pain and re-educating yourself on how to deal with stress! As you read in the consent form, I do have other degrees and certifications that allow me to make wellness enhancing suggestions. Notice that document above your chair? Yes, I am certified as a Homeo-Therapeutic Consultant. I can recommend some safe, legal, and effective formulas that have proven to be beneficial over the last 200 years worldwide. May I say that ff these were my stress scores, I would try a few of these FDA sanctioned homeopathics to detoxify, rebuild, and boost my nutritional profiles. What do you think?

So now, as we wind down our biofeedback session you have obviously noticed visual and audio feedback, right? Thank you. Legally, Biofeedback is defined as “feeding back to the client physiological phenomena via audio and visual means”. In this case, the Biofeedback System’s  audio and visual channels are working with you, feeding back stress detection and stress management indicators…kinda neat huh?

To complete our session today, you have indicated to the Biofeedback System that these two specific biofeedback programs would be your favorite ways to assist you in handling your stress factors. Want to see what you have picked out? OK, Thank you. By the way, these two programs have helped hundreds of thousands of clients over the last two decades ever since our device was registered with the FDA in October of 1989! Your 2 choices are ________and ________.

And look at the visual and audio feedback scores you achieved from these 2 programs. Wow! Above the 95th percentile! Very Good! – Great!

All that is left to do now, Mr./Ms. ________ is to see the final rectification scores, OK? See, we are already at a high percentage in rectification (“fix”), so lets put the “icing on the cake” with this final biofeedback program. OK with you? Good. Thank you! Excellent!… a whopping 99% final rectification. Congratulations!

How are you feeling? Was that fun and informative? Good! Now, my experienced assistant Patricia will now go over the homeopathics you chose to try and I will send home these 2 pages of printouts that show you “before and after” results of your Quantum Biofeedback Session.

A few final words of advice: Rest a bit more today and tonight, a nap right now upon returning home would be ideal. Drink plenty of liquids. Stay centered in love and peace, and call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Patricia then says: The remedies you have chosen to use are FDA sanctioned, “professional use only”, natural pharmaceuticals and should be tax deductible at tax time. And since biofeedback was deregulated by the FDA since 1976, here are some insurance billing codes for biofeedback that your health insurance company might allow for re-imbursement.

I have my schedule book right here. Since Mr. Cunningham is very much in demand and he is usually booked out 3-4 weeks would you like to make your next biofeedback appointment now? Great, see you in 2 weeks and call if we can be of any assistance in your health enhancement quest.

Bye-Bye and God Bless You!

Bill Cunningham “Clinical Pearls & Helpful Hints”

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