2 Quick Tips – Marketing

Quick Tip #1- Stop Saying Quantum this, Quantum that, Quantum, Quantum … Quantum.

  • Unless you are a quantum physicists and/or is specifically asked about how the technology relates to Quantum Physics, why set yourself up to fail, or trip over your own words, why make your introduction and explanation of what YOU DO, more complicated than it has to be?

Quick Tip #2 – Focus on what services/benefits you offer and do, not the tools (including biofeedback) you use.

Simple Analogy:

The next time you go to get your oil changed for your vehicle, think about asking the auto technician,

YOU: “So, what do you do here at Speedy Lube?”

TECHNICIAN: “Well, we do oil changes, tire alignments and air filter cleaning/replacements. We have received the ‘Best in Class’ award for the past 10 years”.

You will never hear when asked… “So what do you do hear at Speedy Lube?”

TECHNICIAN: “Well ,we do Metric Socket Sets, Metric Open End Wrench Set, Large grease gun with the flex hose, Small grease gun, Molybdenum disulfide grease for both guns, Oil filter wrench to fit your filters, and a torque wrench.”

You would reply, “No, I didn’t ask what tools you use here… I don’t care as long as you get the job I need done… and done well.”


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