Silver Shield Hoodie SSH


An exciting new silver lined accessory! The Silver Lined Hood covers head and neck fully. 2011 was the year of increased radiation in our daily lives. Now you can work on your whole head and neck at the same time. The silver hood is lightweight and easy to clean. Amazing solution for EMF protection. For use with: QXCI, SCIO/EPFX, INDIGO, Eductor, and Eternale devices. Or for use alone for EMF & Radiation head & thyroid coverage. Plugs into the back of your device into the red port using the Universal Wire MC8.

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BioTrode™ Technologies


BioTrode™ Technologies

BioTrode™ Technologies designed and manufactures World Class Harness Systems & Accessories Designed for the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR User.
BioTrode™ Technologies


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