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The Breast Booster™ series of 3 allows for complete work of several breast issues in a modest and complete sense. The series comes in three sizes and colors i.e. an A – B cup BB1, B – C cup BB2, and finally, a C – D cup BB3. The Breast Booster™ inserts slip individually and comfortably under any clothing by the client allowing for a modest session. Our 8’ MC8 point probe wire (sold seperately) attaches to a simple “Quick Release” magnetic clasp. The booster series are sold individually or in a value pack. Fully lined with 97% conductive silver fabric and easily cleaned, a tissue alone, or sprayed with our dielectric spray is recommended. We contend that the Breast Booster™ series are not just for beauty enhancements; but may be used to reduce stressors that impede breast wellness.

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