Let’s face it.

One of the most challenging things to do is to clearly define what you and your wellness business offers in a short and simple way.

Your message should leave people wanting more, moving towards what you have to offer… not running for the hills.

Over the past 15 years, I have asked hundreds of practitioners the simple question, “So, what do you do?”

The answers vary quite significantly.

Most will ramble on and on about all the amazing tools, certifications, licenses and neat products they carry.

They even shoot directly to explaining how their tools work and who developed them before even knowing if that person gives a hoot.

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Have you ever been the the receiving end of this communication fail?

I bet you have. I also bet you were not impressed or interested to learn more.

Now for me, being a partner of many different practices that offer many different modalities… I do care about all of the great tools you have have and how they work. But this is only relevant because we already have rapport established, the context enables a natural transition into learning more about the specifics.


As a prospective future buyer or referring source of your services/products, I would immediately feel disconnected.

I would think to myself, “man, the person doesn’t give two cents about me!… but they do love to talk about how special their gadgets are.”

What this does unfortunately is move people away from you. Do you know why?

Because people really do not care about you, your credentials or your extraordinary products. They don’t care about how many cool devices, lights and special gifts until they know what you offer may benefit them or someone they care abou. They don’t care until something triggers their brain, telling them that this is important for them.

Truth – People don’t care about you and your products.

This may sound harsh, yet it is true.

This doesn’t mean people don’t like you, or want to establish trust with you. They Do!  The re-confirmation that you are using the best tools and systems is important, yet when it comes to connecting with someone who does not yet know you, they don’t care about how amazing you and your tool belt of amazing things are.

Subconsciously they are asking themselves, “What is in it for me?” and “Can this service/opportunity make a difference in my life?”… “Do I Care?”

Your marketing strategy, your focus, your elevator pitch should be focused on answering these basic questions for which you know they are asking themselves.

Even if you have the most amazing technology that has all the bells and whistles and can detect this, balance that, enhance etc., they don’t care.

They want to know the value of why coming to see you, and your great tools, are worth it for themselves, their family and the people they do care about.

Share with them the journey you take people on and how that makes people feel.  Not the kind of car you drive.

Let me give you an example of what NOT to do when asked, “So, what do you do?”

“Hi! My Name is ____________.  I do Quantum Biofeedback, Nutritional Supplementation and Homeopathy consulting where I connect you to a head harness and limb straps and then test your reactivity to over 12 thousand electrical signatures for different biological substances like bacteria, fungus, viruses and emotional elements. The state of the art Biofeedback system then runs through a series of programs that help the body relax and reduce stress by re-training and re-educating the body to manage and cope with the stress factors… bla… bla… bla..”

Wow. There is a lot there. You lost me at,  “I do Quantum…”

A lot of wasted words and energy for which could scare someone away who wasn’t already familiar with your work. Plus, why not ask and find out more about what they already know?

Why not make it Easy and Simple for you and them?

Here is a Good example of what to do:

“Hi! My Name is ____________.  I help people transform their health and wellness naturally.  Are you familiar with ___________________?”


Simple yet profound!

The main point here is to keep it simple.  Simplicity = Understanding = Awareness.

Learn more and watch today’s Friday FOCUS! Webinar as I dive a little deeper into this subject and I hope you have a ‘Simple” yet profound Weekend with your friends and family!


Please comment below and leave me a simple yet profound answer to the question, “What do you do?”

To Proactive Health and Success!

Jake Cunningham, CEO & Founder
White Dove Global Marketing, Ltd.


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Author: White Dove Global

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  1. Montgomery Young 7 years ago

    Thanks Jake. This was very helpful. I have been in practice for about 10 years, and have tried quite a few different answers to the question, “What do you do?” I have never found an answer that worked well. I have some new ideas out of this video and look forward to trying them out.

    • Jake Cunningham 7 years ago


      I am glad you received value from the post. I look forward to hearing from you more and remember, making things simple has never been easy! Keep up the great work serving others and I wish you and your team a very happy holidays.


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