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The AntiSmoking program, one of the most effective tools in reducing the stress associated to quitting smoking!

The Anti-Smoking program has been designed to work with the SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR systems and is designed to help relieve the habit of smoking and support those who wish to quit. It uses a set of specific frequencies sent via the head and limb electrodes that help the body retrain and reeducate the stress response and addictive nature of nicotine and smoking.


Before running a session, the practitioner will want to make sure that the client does wish to stop smoking. The client will also need to not smoke a cigarette for at least two hours prior to the therapy. Not smoking before the therapy is required because the system needs to measure the frequencies of a smoke-free organism.  the client will be asked to bring a pack or at least one cigarette of the brand they usually smoke to the session. After entering the details including percentage of nicotine and tar, as well as the number of cigarettes smoked daily, the calibration will be ran.

During the therapy the person will be asked to smoke a cigarette. The reason for this is so that the system can determine the frequencies of the smoke full body. The therapy will be for approximately half an hour.

Using the tri-vector pattern principle the system will use three readings the best suggest antismoking frequencies, these are:

  • tri-vector pattern of smoke-free bod
  • tri-vector pattern of smoke full body
  • tri-vector pattern of sample cigarette

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