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A scientific breakthrough using neodymium magnets and ancient sacred geometry brings health and wellness into the palm of your hand.

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PureWave Cell Quantum Magnetic Flower of Life Geometry

Quantum Field Generator

A scientific breakthrough using neodymium magnets and ancient sacred geometry brings health and wellness into the palm of your hand.

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One of the earliest English meanings of quantum (1567) goes back to philosophy for “Something that has quantity.” One of the earliest scientific uses of the term was in physics as “The quantity of electric fluid present in an electrically neutral body” (1870). In 1952, there was use of quanta (singular of quantum) in physiology as in “a small voltage of which integral multiples go to make up the end-plate potential measured at a neuromuscular junction.”

The current definition from physics and as a noun is “A discrete quantity of electromagnetic energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents, such that energy of that frequency may only be transmitted in multiples of the quantity.”

The flower of life Design

According to various historical and modern definitions of the word quantum, the PureWave cell seems to manifest these qualities. The “Sacred” geometry configuration of the 12 attracting and opposing poles of the powerful neodymium magnets, fastened securely inside the cell, produces a spiral vortex of magnetic and electrical energy that can be measured with a Tesla meter capable of reading ultra-low frequency electric fields.

The Invisible quantum Field

Ferrofluid is a liquid that is attracted to the evenly spaced lines of magnetic fields that emanate outwards from the disc. It is a colloidal liquid made of nanoscale ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid. Each magnetic particle is thoroughly coated with a surfactant to inhibit clumping. The magnetic “Universal” quantum fluid becomes visible when placed near this fluid.

The spiral energy Vortex

Atoms, traveling at the speed of light or even faster in the quantum world, spin outwards several feet from the magnet to create the energy field. Living things placed within this energy field seem to experience a biological effect that slows the aging process, promotes longevity and rapid healing of damaged cells. This effect can easily be experienced with fresh fruit and vegetables. They last longer after being exposed to the PureWave cell.

Unique polarity pattern

Magnetic viewing film contains a ferromagnetic slurry of fine nickel particles that align themselves along magnetic field lines. The general principle of operation is that magnetizable nickel particles are suspended in a colloidal form in a gelatinous material. You can now observe the polarity pattern of the magnetic fields.


Without PureWave, pathogens and fungal growth flourishes

Bacterial growth is minimized by the PureWave Cell

Without PureWave, Cauliflower develops brown spots from oxidation

Oxidation is minimized by PureWave Cell

Save the Honey bees

Bee colonies are currently at serious risk of colony collapse disorder and winter bee die off. Environmental scientists believe pesticides, mite infestation, electrosmog and pathogens all contribute to weakening the bee’s immune system. The PureWave energy field has been extensively tested on bees in several case-controlled scientific studies and has demonstrated a significant improvement in the bee’s health when a PureWave magnet is inserted inside the hive.

Bio-magnetic Field Therapy

Energy medicine practitioners appreciate the unique blend of electric and magnetic energy that emanates from the PureWave cell – especially when it is moved through the Earth’s magnetic field over the treatment area.

It’s popular with pet owners who place it under or near their pet’s sleeping area.


4RBEES / PureWave™

4RBEES / PureWave™

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