6/PORT PRO Controller


The Inlight Therapy state-of-the-art 6/PORT PRO Controller is engineered with the Inlight Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology for professional and home use.

Inlight Therapy controllers house the unique technology that delivers blue, red, and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths (photons) with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology. The controllers are highly user-friendly and built with pre-programmed automatic settings and a 20-minute shut-off timer.

Product Features

  • 6/PORT PRO controller with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
  • 6 output ports powering up 6 interchangeable Inlight polychromatic therapy pads
  • 3 easy-to-use automatic settings pre-programmed with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
  • 7 manual setting options
  • 20-minute automatic session timer
  • Durable metal casing
  • Illuminated LED display
  • Surface-mounted IR detector
  • Push-button mute option
  • Inlight Therapy System Power Supply. Good for any power anywhere in the world. Input 100-240V – 50-60Hz, 1.2A max. Output 12.0V, 5.0A.
  • 6 foot AC power cord with 3-prong plug, NEMA 5-15P Connector, with C13 Connector that plugs into Power Supply.


Learn more about how it works here:

About Polychromatic Light Therapy

A closer look illustrates how the use of light therapy with infrared diodes can help promote the healing process in the body. At the basic level, all cells in the body have a miniature power plant within called the mitochondria. This is where our cell’s energy is produced.

The technical term for this energy is called adenosine triphosphate or ATP for short. ATP is formed from oxygen and glucose, both of which are carried to cells by blood flow. Patients with neuropathy often have decreased blood flow, which means all cells, including nerves, are not receiving adequate amounts of oxygen and glucose. Therefore, the mitochondria cannot manufacture normal amounts of ATP. Nerves, most commonly in extremities, sense this lack of ATP production by sending pain signals to the brain. In some cases, a lack of sensation rather than pain is the chief symptom.

This is the main reason for falls. Because the mitochondria are very sensitive to light, infrared light therapy can stimulate ATP production in the mitochondria. That is, if the nerves receive glucose and oxygen through increased blood flow to the nerves. Light energy stimulates the release of nitric oxide from hemoglobin into the blood stream.

When nitric oxide is released from hemoglobin, it enters the muscle cells and walls of the blood vessels. The muscle cells relax as the blood vessel diameter enlarges, allowing more blood to flow through the vessels. Increasing nitric oxide levels in the body offers a host of benefits. These can include: Anti-inflammation. Inflammation occurs when oxygen levels are too low. So, increasing blood flow via nitric oxide reduces inflammation. Tissue regeneration. Tissues that need to heal require oxygen, nutrients, ATP, and growth factors.

Nitric oxide provides an environment for enhanced healing. The key to accomplishing this, better blood flow. Pain reduction. Pain occurs when the oxygen levels at the nerve are too low. Think of how painful your finger becomes if you wrap a rubber band around it. The rubber band cuts off blood flow, thereby depriving nerves and other cells of oxygen. The pain recedes when the rubber band is removed. Increased localized circulation. Nitric oxide is increased locally when light energy is applied to any specific site. Along with it, blood flow increases at the same point.

Light is composed of photons. Photons are quantum units of energy. A photon emitted at a specific wave length or color contains the same energy irrespective of the source. Light near the blue end of the spectrum penetrates about 2-3mm. Light at the red end of the spectrum penetrates about 8-10mm. Near infrared light penetrates about 20-100mm. Near infrared light is more energetic than visible light, less resistant to reflection and absorption. Therefore, penetrates soft tissue to a deeper level.


In Light Therapy™

In Light Medical Systems™ provides a dynamic and user-friendly polychromatic light therapy system intended for clinical, professional and home user applications.
LED polychromatic light therapy involves the use of light emitting diodes (LED) delivering red, blue, and infrared light to the skin.  These three (3) wavelengths stimulate beneficial innate cellular responses increasing circulation and activating the release of nitric oxide.
In Light Therapy™


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