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Light Weight Micro Polyester Fleece top with a luxurious Silver liner that is comprised of a nylon base and plated with highly conductive medical grade 99% Silver coating. The Silver liner maximizes delivery of intended frequencies from the Biofeedback and as we know, silver has Antimicrobial properties.

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Sized at 34” x 48” it will accommodate a large work area to include major organ coverage, all spinal meridians and more. Also consider using our blanket as an EMF shield during air travel. No more looking for a blanket that who knows its condition. Try your own warm and luxurious travel companion for yourself. You can even breathe thru it. Attach to your Point Probe using one of our “Quick Release” Magnetic Clasp wire connectors. Magnetic Clasp Wire Connectors 8’ MC8 . Use 36” magnetic accessory wire MC36 to Attach Human Blanket to any metal frame/ground of car or aircraft to help in dissipating EMF’s that you pass through and that you pass thru. Blanket Effectiveness ranges 30 MHz to 3 GHz @ 40db. Colors subject to change. Normal use may result in the silver fabric tarnishing, just as a new silver coin will tarnish after it is touched. Sulfur (body salts) will speed up the tarnishing process. Tarnished spotting will not diminish the transfer of ions. We have chosen not to treat the medical/surgical grade silver fabric with any Anti-Tarnish coatings as these coatings have not been approved by the FDA. The Medical Industry stays away from coatings for this reason. 60 Day Warranty The Blanket may be washed on Cool, Delicate Cycle using no Corrosive and/or no Phosphate Gentle Soap Woolite is an option. No Bromine, Chlorine, and/or Fluorine.


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