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  • Mag-Wires-Web

    Animal 8′ Quick Release Limb Wires AH05


    Highly conductive slim wire harness with identifying color coded end connectors. 8’ long wires allows for more discrete ease of movement and relaxed proximity between clients and SCIO. Additional adjustable wire looms control tangling. End to end wire welded design eliminates any mechanical break down that would inhibit signal performance. End connector magnets are encased in a plastic over mold design that attach easily to the rubber straps. Full one year warranty for repair or replacement.

  • LimbstraprollWEB

    Animal Limb Straps AH04


    Highly conductive BioTrode™ Rubber electrode lies against the hair. An internal woven wire runs the full length maintaining balance throughout the entire electrode for more balanced and consistent surface area performance. 1.5”W x 15”L straps may be overlapped on the limb to provide broad surface area coverage of frequencies. Wider and longer straps mean one size fits all! Our straps are fully lined with soft Velcro® loop that runs the entire length allowing for easier adjustments and faster connection time. Velcro® hook tabs are on the ends. The “Quick Release” connect/disconnect magnetic clasp never touches the hair so you have no metal touching your animal! “Quick Release” makes it easy to disconnect your animal should they need a break and again; provides breakaway security from the Limb Wires to prevent tugging and/or possible damage to equipment.

  • Blue Ribbon Horse Blanket BRAB


    Royal Blue High-Tech Nylon Veltex® Velcro® Fleece, lined with a highly conductive medical grade Nylon that has been plated with 99% Silver. Antimicrobial Silver liner maximizes delivery of intended frequencies…

  • Celulite-back

    CB15 Cellulite Buster Large Area Wrap


    Cellulite Buster Large Area Wrap

    As if the Meridian Pad wasn’t enough, we had requests for a larger pad to provide more surface coverage. Our 9.5” x 8” Cellulite Buster Large Area Wrap has 2 – 16” straps attached. And if that isn’t enough to wrap around a leg, arm, tummy or back, we made 24” extension straps an available option. Three connected sections make this pad easy to form around any curve.

  • Animal-SCIO

    Complete SCIO Animal Harness System AH06


    This is the full system that combines all you need in a price saving combination. Includes (1 – 2”Wx30”L Head Harness AH02, 4 – 1.5”x18” BioTrode™ Rubber/Velcro® Limb Straps AH04, 1 – 8’ Quick Release Limb Wires Color Coded for SCIO AH05

  • Eternale-Limb-Adaptor-WEB

    E-ADPT-L Eternale Limb Adaptor


    E-ADPT-L Eternale Limb Adaptor. You can use your SCIO limb harness. Also can be adapted to utilize iNDIGO limb straps.

  • EDUCTOR Horse Harness System - White Dove

    EDUCTOR Animal Harness System AH06-ED


    This is the full system for EDUCTOR that combines all you need. Includes (1 – 2”Wx30”L Head Harness AH02-ED, 4 – 1.5”x15” BioTrode™ Rubber/Velcro® Limb Straps AH04, 1 – 8’…

  • Extension-Strap

    Extension Straps for Wrap Pad AHWAEXT

    These 24″ Webbing Extension Straps for extended or large area coverage. Long enough to wrap around a leg, arm, tummy or back. Velco® hook tabs are on the strap ends. For use with the AHWA Arap Around Pad. Set of 2.
  • Head-Port-Blanket

    Head Port Blanket HPB


    SCIO This highly-conductive 8 Electrode Blanket plugs into the biofeedback device head port with an attached cable. The design enables full send/receive capability that delivers maximum frequencies to large areas of the body. Each highly-conductive silver electrode is welded to each wire feeding through the head port. Two adjustable 24” webbing straps are included. Blanket size 24 x 35″ Biofeedback.