Natalie Triplett

White Dove Global has been family to me for over 10 years. The training, support, dedication and love that they share to all (and especially within the Quantum community) is just beyond measure.
I always think of White Dove and the Cunningham family as a Lighthouse beacon for Bioenergetic Medicine here in the U.S.
I was trained by Dr Bill Cunningham almost a decade ago and I am deeply grateful for the wisdom, integrity and guidance from him alone, as well as the whole team there at White Dove.
What I learned from their program has literally changed my whole life. It has created within me, the ability to help others by using the Bio-Protocol to see exactly what is needed to create major changes. Changes that are both seen-and felt!
Jake Cunningham, our new visionary Director, is always out there guiding all the amazing new levels of Quantum Medicine and Energy Wellness Support. I’m thrilled that his family represents what we are all striving for daily-excellence in our own health and well-being.
Thank you for always being available for me and willing to serve when I needed lifted up. And also a massive THANK YOU!!! for all your positive influence on me and our whole Quantum family.
We all need more of that kind of medicine!!!
Matthew 7:7
‘One Dove, One Love ‘

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