The Natural Cook Training – Independent Study – Core Essentials – 30 Day Trial


“What the Independent Study format has meant for me?”

The Natural Cook training program has made cooking a creative experience for me. I love the process! I started the program in hopes of learning how to make simple, plant-based foods look and taste delicious as well as be healthful for my family and me. With The Natural Cook training program, I’ve found what I was looking for and More!

The program offers written lessons and videos, and weekly online question and answer sessions. I feel personally tutored in my studies and very supported by the instructors. Their enthusiasm for my learning and the depth of their knowledge is a gift!.

The program teaches respect for the food ingredients and for ourselves – to trust our “heart center” – to listen to the cooking of the food and to listen to ourselves.


The Natural Cook Training – Independent Study – Core Essentials – 30 Day Trial is designed for you to experience the School of Natural Cookery methodology surrounding cooking.  If you are a professional health/wellness practitioner wanting to offer more value to your clients this opportunity is for you.

(This is a 30 day full access trial minus the 2 private coaching sessions)

The Natural Cook training is anchored with a core structure where students learn how to observe, taste, smell, understand fire, water, air, earth and time (nature), and how to benefit from the healing power of the creative process,  which has been known to mankind from the beginning.

The Independent Study format is good for students of all levels of experience who want to engage in the The Natural Cook® training at their own pace, without requirements to submit homework or participate in live, weekly, meetings. Individuals, families, and experienced chefs wanting plant-base expertise, and who don’t need a certificate from SNC, will expand their culinary knowledge.  Support is included with weekly Tuesday Talks, and Private Coaching options where certified natural cook teachers can help integrate the culinary training with your personal health and professional goals.

NOTE: You do receive an onboarding session.

To learn more about The School of Natural Cookery – CLICK HERE


School of Natural Cookery


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