Stress Management Coach using Photobiomodulation (Light) Therapy (SMCPLT)


Why the name SMCPLT?  It doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue!  There was a method to our madness.  

“Stress Management” is the #1 therapeutic intervention anyone can employ in their self-care and health recovery efforts and is a universally accepted natural therapy modality“Coaching” is universally accepted as an interactive skill that empowers people to make their own informed decisions. “Photobiomodulation therapy” technology has been scientifically determined to trigger the chemistry of stress reduction by releasing nitric oxide – the “miracle molecule”.

Together, Stress Management Coaching using Photobiomodulation (light) Technology (SMCPLT) is a novel natural therapy modality. Utilizing this modality in a professional setting requires an understanding of the technology, the human body’s stress response and the professional standards of providing care for people.

This SMCPLT curriculum follows the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) education requirements which meet national accreditation board standards.

Course Materials include: Training videos, a workbook with self-checking questions and an annotated bibliography of program references.


We are at a tipping point in healthcare where people are actively seeking non-medical, non-pharmaceutical self-care support. Not trusting the system or simply not experiencing healing results using the medical methods has people searching for options. Yes, nutraceuticals are important. Yes, a healthy diet is essential. Yes, exercise and sleep are vital. But… something is still missing for many “healthy” people. If you are reading about this course, you know photobiomodulation (light) therapy is a valuable clinical and self-care tool. But still… even doing all the right things and using PBMT you or your clients may have reached a plateau.


Maybe we could ask a different question: how do we heal at our core?  When you explore this question throughout the SMCPLT curriculum you’ll gradually leave behind the mechanistic approach of the medical model. Beyond the questions “what do I do for XXX” or “what setting do I use for YYY” you’ll begin seeing how to coach your clients to explore and shift at deeper levels.

While the SMCPLT curriculum teaches the fundamentals of photobiomodulation technology (wavelengths, pulsed rates, Nogier and Solfeggio frequencies) and therapeutic uses (blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, TBI, wound healing, pain reduction, etc.) we emphasis an understanding of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the physiology of “stress”. This is where the core imbalance of all dis-ease lives. Shifting the ANS generates healing from the core.

“STRESS… is the cause of 95% of all disease”~ CDC 2010

The communication skill sets taught in the Coaching course are the keys to the relationship that allows people to make their healing shifts. The praxis of this course work is experienced in the Practicum and Internship with the guidance of SMCPLT mentors.

[PRAXIS: the process by which a theory or lesson becomes part of lived experience through a cycle of action-reflection-action]

The SMCPLT training set includes six (of the seven) required courses.

Some courses have video content; all courses contain downloadable resource materials. Certificates of Completion are awarded (via email) upon completion of these core courses for your licensing and certification application requirements.

The  SMCPLT Certification Training Set (165 CEUs):

1. Anatomy & Physiology ~ 30 CEUs
There are 10 chapters in the Anatomy & Physiology study manual. Each chapter focuses on one of the major body systems. The interrelationship of each body system to every other system is a fundamental principle emphasized throughout the course. (online/independent study)

2. PLT Technologies ~ 15 CEUs
This five module “Technologies” course emphasizes the fundamental concepts of stress management and photobiomodulation (PBM). It provides a basic understanding of the stress response, allostatic load, and overload, and begins integrating these core stress management principles with the physiologic impact of photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). Content includes: physiology of light, wavelength, somatic pulsed rates, and Solfeggio frequencies, how light triggers nitric oxide, cell energy, and ATP, basic physiology, circulation, phases of healing, photobiomodulation light technologies. (online/independent study)

3. PLT Therapeutics ~ 15 CEUs
Content includes 5 modules about how photobiomodulation technology is used in self-care and clinical settings, differences between pulsed and continuous light, in-depth cell physiology, dental distress, balancing the allostatic load, differences in acute and chronic pain, and evidence-based therapeutic applications of specific conditions. (online/independent study)

4. Coaching Course ~ 45 CEUs
This highly interactive six-week course as a requirement for certification and a complement for your clinical practice. Medical professionals enjoy this coaching course because the focus is learning the language of coaching to assist clients to explore the underpinnings of their health concerns and make informed health choices without telling them what to do.

5. PLT Practicum ~ 30 CEUs
The guided mentoring experience provides you the opportunity to document light sessions, gather appropriate data, share strategies for use of numbered and automatic settings and discuss pad placement with a course instructor. (one-on-one teleconference mentoring with SMCPLT instructors)

6. Internship ~ 30 CEUs
The Internship offers options you co-design with your course instructor to demonstrate a synthesis of what you have learned depending on your interests. (one-on-one teleconference mentoring with SMCPLT instructors) 

The 7th and final course “Professional Studies Correspondence Courses” (business practice, ethics, and informed consent) is required to complete certification training. 

Required: Professional Studies Correspondence Courses (40 CEUs)

The Professional Self-Study Correspondence Courses.
“Professional Ethics”, “Professional Practices” and “Informed Consent” are the foundation for your private practice. Plan to take these professional correspondence courses after completing all SMCPLT core courses. If you have any questions contact the SMCPLT Program Director. (

Certification – How it works

1. 6 SMCPLT COURSES (165 Continuing Education Credits)
The SMCPLT courses are the backbone of the National Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) requirements for Stress Management Coach – PLT licensing and certification. (Anatomy & Physiology, Technologies, Therapeutics, Coaching, Practicum, Internship)

2. “Professional Studies Correspondence Courses” (40 CEUs) complete the NTCB requirements.
Professional Studies Correspondence Courses (40 CEUs) is provided by an outside provider and completes your licensing and certification course of study. Together all 7 courses (205 CEUs) meet the NTCB requirements.

Certification or Licensing or Both?

“Certification” indicates competency. “Licensing” means professional oversight.

The Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) has set the training blueprint for many natural therapy modalities to meet national accreditation board standards. 

  • Licensing indicates to consumers that your practice is governed by professional practice standards established by a practice-specific state board. To date, there is no medical licensing organization for photobiomodulation (light) therapy, as such, SMCPLT has selected an ecclesiastic license board for those who wish to acquire.

  • Certification documents completion of an approved course of study on the topic. SMCPLT used the National Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) training blueprint to build our curriculum in order to meet the highest national standards for natural therapy modality training.


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