CBS Course 2: Beginners Course


The Beginners course is designed for novice SCIO/Indigo/Eductor users to provide a working knowledge of the Eductor64/Clasp32 software. With the completion of this course, each student is given the opportunity to become a Certified Biofeedback Technician, which is accredited through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS). These classes are provided through online video instruction.


Beginners Course Prerequisites:
Review the Operations Manual three times. Operations manual (126 pages).
Online Videos:
Chapter 1 – Energy Medicine
Chapter 2 – Preparation, Demographics and Calibration Training Program
Chapter 3 – Testing Procedures Training Program
Chapter 4 – Short Sarcode Feedback Rx Training Program
Chapter 5 – Test Matrix Information Training Program
Chapter 6 – Risks & Procedures Training Program
Chapter 7 – Nutrition Training Program
Chapter 8 – Therapy Panel Training Program
Chapter 9 – Auto Meridian Training Program
Chapter 10 – Auto Frequency Training Program
Chapter 11 – Auto Color Training Program
Chapter 12 – Auto Scalar Training Program
Chapter 13 – Auto Trivector Training Program
Chapter 14 – Spinal Muscluar Re-education, Sarcode Feedback Training Program
Chapter 15 – Cybernetic Feedback, Music And Superlearning Training Program
Chapter 16 – Homotoxicology Training Program
Chapter 17 – NLP Emotional Growth Training Program
Chapter 18 – Electro Physiological Oscillation Freq Training Program
Chapter 19 – Body Scan and Face Therapy Training Program
Chapter 20 – Creating a Healing Environment Training Program
Chapter 21 – Biofeedback Training Program
Chapter 22 – Disease Dictionary Training Program
Chapter 23 – Body Viewer & Iridology Training Program
Chapter 24 – Nelson Medicine Training Programs
Chapter 25 – Closing Procedures Training Program
1. Basic Navigation (126 pages)
2. Beginners Manual (459 pages)
Homework assingments to turn in
126 True/False questions with two hours to complete
$50 exam fee
Course Fee:
$699 USD
The manual provided is an electronic PDF, not a hard copy printed book. The manual will be emailed to you, not sent to your physical address.  


The Quantum Academies

The Quantum Academies has been providing quality, structured education for complementary medicine practitioners for many years in dozens of locations in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. During the past eight years our focus has shifted from live classes to distance education, in order to reach our students that could not conveniently attend our week-long classes. With distance learning, our students can combine a quality education at a self-determined schedule.
The Quantum Academies


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