QuantumCaress™ Kit


With the QuantumCaress™ Kit, you gain the ability to direct the power of trivector patterns towards a specific area, allowing for targeted focus of frequency. Whether you’re seeking to address specific health concerns or optimize your well-being, this kit gives you the control and precision you need.


The QuantumCaress™ Kit, the ultimate accessory for enhancing the capabilities of your Quantum Biofeedback System. This innovative kit empowers you to take your biofeedback experience to a whole new level by enabling precise focus of trivector patterns and amplifying programs in conjunction with the head harness.

By incorporating the QuantumCaress™ Kit with your Quantum Biofeedback System’s head harness, you unlock the potential to amplify programs and magnify their effects. This combination creates a synergistic effect, maximizing the impact of biofeedback sessions and facilitating profound healing and transformation.

Designed with quality and ease of use in mind, the QuantumCaress™ Kit seamlessly integrates with your Quantum Biofeedback System. It includes specially engineered components that effortlessly connect to your system, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Experience the power of targeted trivector patterns and amplified programs with the QuantumCaress™ Kit. Unleash the full potential of your Quantum Biofeedback System and embark on a journey of enhanced well-being, vitality, and self-discovery. Elevate your biofeedback practice today and unlock new dimensions of healing with the QuantumCaress™ Kit.


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White Dove Global Marketing, Ltd. is a leading the marketing and distributor for revolutionary health and wellness technologies; including but not limited to medical Quantum Biofeedback Systems, In Light Wellness Systems and more.  We love supporting our clients through the entire discovery, purchase, placement and support processes while also providing educational training in the successful integration of our cutting edge technologies.
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